July 2018 Style Meeting: 7/23 at 7PM

The Club’s July meeting has been moved to a new location this year. Chuck and Amelia DiSanto (461 Mt. Lucas Road, Princeton, 08540) will be our hosts for this summertime backyard potluck meeting. It will be hard to top the scenery and generosity of our long-time host for the July meeting, Paul Corkery. But, renovations and travel this month made it impossible.

In addition to some fantastic food from your fellow club members, there’s beer. The club usually provides the beer and — until recently — it’s been based on single style of beer. It’s a great way to dig your palate into the finer points of one style.

I really struggled with the temptation to springboard off of the May meeting. The syrupy artificial fruit flavor of Champale almost tempted me to say that we should do a fruit-infused pale ale meeting. Maybe it would help potential brewers taking on the challenge of “reinventing Champale.” But then I practiced saying it out loud and I just couldn’t make my lips say “Welcome to the fruit-beer style meeting…”

So, we’re going with a style that seems to be exploding on the scene event faster than the fruit beer — US craft session lagers.

Bring a covered dish or a little something to toss on the grill and a friend/designated driver. If you happen to have a fruit-infused beer that you particularly like, bring a couple along. All records will show this was a LAGER meeting!

Winter Club Update

Greetings Brewers! If you are new to club, you might not realize that PALE ALES takes the month of December off to give everyone a chance to take care of their holiday obligations. But, fear not! The PALE ALES holiday party is on the calendar for January 15, 2018. Details should appear over on the right side under events.

December is also the time of year that I’m obligated to remind folks to renew their dues to the club. If you are a new member that joined after June 2017, you’re good for calendar year 2018 as well. On behalf of the Board, we’d love to see the rest of you click that Join link and renew via PayPal. Of course, analog forms of payment are also accepted.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Cheers!

Marc Leckington
President, PALE ALES

Fall 2017 Update

We’ve had a bunch of great meetings and events so far this year. But, hold on to your brewing paddles. We’ve got much more lined up to close out the year. For our October meeting we’re headed back to Spellbound to help them celebrate the winning of a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The club’s ongoing brewing competition has been building steam. This last round may have more than 15 entries. I know a bunch of us are already looking forward to the competition starting all over in 2018. We’re shooting for a November meeting in the 3rd week of the month to do the tasting for the final round. Stay tuned for the date. Meanwhile, keep brewing!

November 2016 Update

With cooler temperatures comes my favorite time of year — when the tap water gets cold and everyone’s chillers start working really well for the first time in a while! We’ve had some great meetings in 2016. But, we also missed a couple of our monthly meetings due to a last minute cancellation of a speaker and at least one-weather related cancellation. So, we’ve got a little catching up to do! Have a look at the calendar. December is traditionally a meeting-less month due to the Holiday rush and we will continue to honor that. But we’re doubled up for January. There’s a meeting with Two Roads and a holiday party. The website calendar now pulls events directly off the FB page. And directly below this post is the last few things that club members have posted to the FB page.


Annual Homebrew Competition

It’s a bit late notice, but the club competition is set for October 18th, with a 1 pm start time. The location will be the Mill Hill Saloon, 300 S Broad St, Trenton, NJ 08608

Instead of the usual BJCP categories, we’ve decided to go with four broad categories:
Hoppy- IPAs etc
Roasty/Malty- Stouts, Brown Ales, etc
Crisp/Light- Pilsners, Kölsch, etc
Funky- Sours, Brett Beers, anything odd.

I’m sure there will be entries that could be in more than one category, use your best judgment. Please bring at least two 12-ounce bottles (or one 22oz), plain bottles are preferred. Extra beer is encouraged.

Please expect to judge in at least one catergory. We’ll go over how everything works the day of. We’ll be providing appetizers; the kitchen will be open for anything else.

Remember, the competition is open to club members only, so please be sure that your dues are paid up!

Any questions should be sent to PALEALESevents@comcast.net

20th Anniversary PALE ALES Meeting

Yes, that’s right it’s been 20 years since Joe Bair convinced a bunch of his customers to all show up one night at The Alchemist and Barrister in Princeton. We decided the only appropriate thing to do to commemorate  the milestone would be to go back to The A&B and raise a pint.

Mike Ultee Snags Some Homebrew Awards

Long-time member of the Club, Michiel Ultee, passed along the news that he did really well in a couple of homebrew comps.

Top Tier!
Top Tier!

I’ve had a bit of luck in a couple of area competitions recently. “Mike’s Irish Red Ale” won 2nd place in the Philadelphia “Malt Madness” competition in September, and 3rd place in the Morristown “Motown Mash” competition just last weekend. I tried to post this on the PALE ALES yahoo site, but I don’t think it worked. Is there some other way to do this now? In each case I proudly stated my club affiliation as the PALE ALES. 🙂

Fell Under The Spell

As a new brewery, I think its always good indicator that you’ve got it right when the local homebrew club comes out and fills their trunks with your beer. Keep an eye out for Spellbound beers on tap. You won’t be sorry! They seem to be doing a little bit of everything style-wise and doing it well every time. Thanks to Michael Renegar, Jimmy and Bair for the pics!

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