December Meeting – Goose Island

Wade Gerhardt, the vintage ale rep from Goose Island, showed off that although the brewery was purchased by AB-Inbev, they aren’t laying eggs.  While many were quick to note they had indeed sold out, Wade also mentioned how it took 9 months for AB-Inbev to get one of the beers correct.  That’s right.  Every week, 400 barrels of beer were dumped until they perfected the outcome.  So much for the idea it’s easy to clone a beer.

The night started off with Sofie, which actually isn’t AB brewed due to the brettanomyces (AB-I refuses to let that in the brewhouse) which is a pleasant farmhouse-y beer, followed by Pepe Nero, an interesting dark ale infused with black pepper that is quite nice.  Next was Matilda, a dry and refreshing amber ale, and Pere Jacques a malty dubbel style ale.  The one that stole the show was Bourbon County Stout.  Aged in bourbon barrels for quite a while, this 14% abv ale had everyone on their toes and tongues sizzling!

A big thanks to Brian from the Firkin Tavern for hosting us!